Clients Include...

Artistry, Aussie Hair, Bath & Body Works, BC Footwear, Beverly Center, Billboard, Bluenotes, Compass, Cosmopolitan, Darling Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Google, The Hollywood Reporter, Honda, InStyler, Ipsy, MeUndies, Moon Juice, Netflix, Nylon, Pret-a-Reporter, The Quiet Life, Refinery 29, RPA, Select NY, Seychelle's, Sony Music, Surface, Sports Authority, W Magazine


Los Angeles-born photographer Sami Drasin sees no point in leaving the golden state, its cinematic landscapes so often the location of choice for her own shoots. “I love shooting on location,” she says, “and LA is the best place to find amazing locations within just a short drive.” An hour in any direction will lead to the beach, mountains, or desert — southern California’s natural backdrops lend vitality to her work.

At 14, Drasin received her first camera, to which she took passionately, and later pursued photography with a degree from Art Center College of Design. There she honed her artistic sensibilities and refocused her eye on lifestyle, fashion and beauty. 

Drasin’s work focuses on capturing unexpected, candid scenes — the in-between moments allowing for a more relatable and honest portrayal of her subjects, the honesty fostered by Drasin’s friendly, relaxed demeanor. By connecting quickly and easily with her subjects, she’s able to effortlessly capture the truth of them.